Dyslexia Center Services

Our Offerings

Advocacy and Consulting

The Dyslexia Center has an entire team of Advocates dedicated to representing families whose children are struggling with dyslexia and need identification and services from their schools. 

Assessments and Screenings

We are fortunate to have a team of experts that can evaluate students with specific assessments to help determine strengths and areas of need in basic reading (decoding and encoding), fluency, and comprehension. These assessments can be valuable by themselves or part of a comprehensive evaluation to help determine services.


Our Dyslexia Practitioner and Dyslexia Therapist, both Wilson Certified, are providing individual instruction to students who are in need of a comprehensive Structured Literacy intervention.


Coming soon! We will be hosting some small group, virtual summer camps for students who need a boost in reading. Stay tuned!

Assistive Tech

Our Dyslexia experts can assist with your school team to help determine the scope and sequence of Assistive Technology that can provide access and remove barriers to your child’s education.

Executive Functioning Training

We have experts who have been trained in Executive Functioning techniques and programs. We offer individual sessions to support your student in all areas of Executive Functioning.


We will be offering informative webinars – open to families who are interested in all topics related to Dyslexia. 

Great Resources for Dyslexia:

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