Client Testimonials

Hiring Tim Clark was the best decision my ex and I could have made. We were at a point with our school district where we did not trust a word they said or even documentation of our child's behaviors and performance in class. Tim Clark thoroughly reviewed our child's file, then walked us through his findings and recommendations. Based on that, we agreed on a game plan moving forward with the school district. When Tim Clark attended our child's Section 504 meeting with us, the demeanor and attitude of the team members around the table instantly changed. We no longer felt like they were talking down to us or trying to rush us into making a decision for our child. Tim Clark brought innovative ideas to the table for accommodations as well as a solid justification for each one. My ex is an attorney and was originally leaning towards hiring an attorney to assist us, but after preparing for and attending our child's Section 504 meeting with Tim Clark, he could not believe how effective Tim's collaboration, communication, and problem solving skills were with the team of educational professionals who had consistently worked against us in the past. As my ex said, Tim's unique and creative skill set allowed us to accomplish the unthinkable for our child!We would strongly recommend Tim Clark for any of your educational needs. He is truly one of a kind, and we are so grateful to have found more
Mychilds Advocate
13:15 17 Sep 19
I truly cannot find the words to express my gratitude for Carol Dimas, and all she did for my 6th grade daughter. Carol knows her stuff, is fierce, and is extremely professional. I cannot recommend her enough. It's the best money I've ever more
Tricia Fitzgerald
00:18 15 Jun 19
I've worked with Carol since my daughter was in 5th grade. She has been her champion when dealing with accommodations issues and making sure the school district complied. Without Carol’s back-up, I doubt very much we could've accomplished as much as we have to give our daughter the best education opportunities possible If your child suffers from a leaning issue Carol is the person to consult to make sure your child gets what they need!read more
Anastasia Zoldak
18:48 07 May 19
The staff at the Educational Advocacy and Consulting were so knowledgeable and instrumental in helping my child receive the services he is entitled to under State of Illinois law. Amanda was wonderful in helping my husband and I navigate the waters so to speak to ensure that the public school was accommodating my son. His academic career at his high school has been so successful in part to Amanda's help for more
Eileen Kozlowski
16:35 24 Apr 19
Tim Clark has helped me through the most difficult chapter of my life. I had no idea where to turn or what to do in my legal situation. He gave me the guidance i lacked and pointed me to the right people. My life has done a complete 180! I am now a little over 5 months clean from narcotics and my life has never been better. My bond with my family is stronger than ever and thanks to Tim i get a 2nd chance in life! Definitely recommend Tim Clark to help manage your legal needs!read more
Jorge Ruvalcaba
04:27 17 Apr 19
Sara has been instrumental in helping our disabled son access his rights to an inclusive education. She had been with us for 3 years now, always professional and motivated, as well as completely EFFECTIVE! She truly cares about her clients..Everything we need in an advocate!read more
Tim Clark is a guardian angel from above. Finding Naperville Educational Advocacy and then falling in the hands of Tim Clark has been life changing. He is professional, articulate, eloquent, responsive, compassionate, empathetic and authentic. Me and my 12 year old son will forever be changed by his hard work and knowledge that was shown in dealing with my sons IEP at school. Also Tim is a rare kind soul in a professional world, like a friend who holds your hand during tough times. Thank you Tim ten more
kelly peters
03:28 18 Mar 19
Carol Dimas has advocated for three of our children and her work for our family has been life changing. She helped us get an independent educational evaluation paid for by the school which was very helpful in getting an appropriate IEP for our son. Carol worked with the team in a cooperative way but she is a great fighter when she needs to be. She has also helped us get an intensive reading intervention for our daughter with dyslexia. Carol is the best!read more
Robert C
20:40 14 Mar 19
Carol Dimas helped our son get an appropriate IEP. She was so professional, collaborative and prepared. She read through all our documents and drafted everything prior to our meeting. She explained the procedures and how the meeeting would go. It reduced our anxiety and helped us to feel like we were truly part of the team. We highly recommended Carol Dimas as an excellent more
J. Michael
20:36 14 Mar 19
Working with Tim Clark is one of the best decisions I've made, my only regret is not finding his services 10 years ago for my daughter. This is my 2nd time dealing with the same school district that would not give my daughter an IEP. I started fighting for her in 5th grade and was not able to get her IEP until her senior year in H.S. part of me feels like I failed her. My son is in 5th grade , I didn't feel confident enough to advocate for him alone. Tim was extremely knowledgable and thorough. We got the results I was seeking and more, things I would have never thought of seeking on my own. I'll never attend another meeting more
Tatiana Robles
06:36 04 Mar 19
Amazing help she got my son the help he can and we found him a amazing school I can’t say thank you enough we have seen a amazing change in my son the little bit of time he has been going to the new school . God bless your soul for helping families like us that need help I can not thank you guys enough 👏🏻read more
To work with Tim Clark has been one of the best decisions our family has ever made. My son has a 504 Plan since grammar school and not until this last school year (my son is now a Junior in high school) did I feel the pain of having my son struggle because his needs were not being met and my questions never truly answered. I had my first 504 plan meeting with the school, and my advocate Tim completely dominated the meeting and we got what we wanted, a review. He knew the questions to ask and what our rights are. Had Tim not been there the school was prepared to do nothing more than shuffle my son along for another year without reviewing his current needs. I cannot imagine any parent walking into an IEP/504 Plan meeting without Tim. His knowledge and professionalism was beyond our expectations. Our son felt he was FINALLY being heard by the school. Since our initial meeting I have seen a positive change in my son. He feels empowered, his grades have improved, and he is more confident. I don’t know how I can ever truly express our families appreciation of Tim’s guidance, concern for our son, and his support. Never again will I attend any of those meetings without my advocate Tim’s guidance. Even if you’re at a “good” school, I suggest you attend those meetings with a knowledgeable advocate, such as Tim more
Mercedes Nunez-Babicz
02:21 27 Feb 19
I would highly recommend Educational Advocacy Group to anyone who needs an expert in their corner! From the start they have been amazing! One evening I made a frantic phone call requesting information regarding an educational advocate to join me for an important school meeting. I received a call back within a few minutes. The woman on the phone was extremely helpful and put me in contact with our advocate Tim Clark. Tim and I had a phone conversation the next morning and he had informed me of my child's educational rights. Tim moved very quickly to ensure that we were well prepared for the meeting. In just a few short days Tim met us at the meeting. As a mom who has had a child on an IEP since preschool I have always done research on my rights but, Tim was seriously a champion on our sons behalf. When we walked into the conference room filled with 16 other professionals I immediately felt relief knowing he was there. He was very knowledgeable in the conference room along with suggesting great things my child can take part in outside of the school atmosphere. He has suggested things that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise and I feel he is making a huge difference in my sons education. Tim has been with me to several meetings and I look forward to bringing him to all of them in the future. This is an important time in my freshman's life and knowing Tim has my child's best interest in mind is great. Look no further if you need a wonderful educational advocate...Tim is your guy!read more
Christina Diepholz
18:33 05 Feb 19
Carol Dimas of Educational Advocacy and Consulting, has been a true blessing to our family. We have worked with Carol and her network of professionals for over 7 years and we couldn't have done it without her. Her guidance from an early age for our student has brought us through many personal challenges and helped facilitate a strong educational relationship with our school district. Thank you Carol and Jessyca for all you have done for us.Jeff & Nancy Haasread more
Jeff Haas
15:14 19 Nov 18
Having Tim’s help with our daughter’s Initial IEP eligibility meeting and goal setting was the best decision we made. He was extremely knowledgeable and helped guide through the process. He was able to get the IEP we needed for our daughters success in school after much effort prior to his help without success. Thank you for you round the clock work !read more
Michelle Bobek
11:43 02 Nov 18
Tim is awesome!!! He's an amazing advocate!Not only did he advocate for my son but he is so knowledgeable & helpful with other information as well. Thanks to Tim I now have a better understanding on my son's educational more
Jess A Thought
01:43 18 Oct 18
We utilized Ed Ad for concerns with our school aged daughter .Tim Clark was our advocate. Tim has been organized, knowledgeable, articulate, and responsive .He has not only been a great advocate for our daughter, he has empowered me to be able to better understand the school system and my daughters rights. I was pleasantly surprised at the respect he had already established.from previous clients with our school district. I would recommend Tim to anyone who needs an advocate for their more
hannah Novacek
21:23 05 Sep 18
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