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Cassie Clark News Profile on Wilson Language Training

Children often follow in a parent’s footsteps when it comes to interests and careers. For Cassie Clark and her 12-year-old daughter, Gina, it was the reverse.

Gina showed signs of learning difficulties before kindergarten. READ MORE…

Early Intervention Shapes a Mother’s and Daughter’s Futures

Nora’s teachers hadn’t mentioned any issues with her reading skills, but her mother noticed that Nora was not achieving the same level of literacy skills as her peers.

At that time, Kelly was a reading interventionist working to complete her Wilson Reading System® (WRS) Level I Certification. She knew how to identify students with reading difficulties; what she observed in Nora’s reading efforts seemed familiar. Although Kelly was surprised that her daughter struggled to read, she knew what to do―Nora needed WRS instruction.


WRS Student Shares Joy for Reading With New Furry Friends


Evan is an energetic eighth grader with a quick smile and a genuine interest in the people he meets. He enjoys rock climbing, swimming, and creative tactile activities such as building with blocks, boxes, or construction sets. Evan also has autism.

Because Evan needs extra support in daily activities, his parents tried different educational options including therapeutic day schools for children with autism. In their experience, these schools focused more on language acquisition than academics. While certain educational settings met some of his needs, there were gaps between what Evan was capable of and what was asked of him.




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